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FlexDoc is an InDesign plugin that excels at setting up documents that contain multiple folds and dies. From simple tri-fold brochures to complex 3D packaging projects.

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Meet FlexDoc

FlexDoc has everything you need to get your new document ready in no time! With FlexDoc, you can quickly build a solid base for all your die-cutting, box-folding or brochure requirements. FlexDoc will set up your guides and fold-marks as well as place all measurements in the slug area, so there is never any confusion about the size. All with an easy-to-use interface.

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Start Prematurely

You don't need to know the final document size - let FlexDoc calculate this for you.

Free foldmarks

Besides placing guides, FlexDoc will place all the foldmarks needed for you too.

Multiple Masters

FlexDoc builds both a recto master and a reversed verso master in case you need it.

Recall Settings

Settings are saved in Document metadata so you can recall them anytime to make a change.

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